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Swing Trade Secrets: How to Swing Trade Earnings Gap Down Reversals with $NFLX

Earnings Gap Down Reversal How effectively are you swing trading the earnings gap down reversal setup? Most likely not well, if you even trade the setup at all. Neglecting this setup is an unfortunate and expensive mistake that often does […]


Weekly Swing Trade Report for August 8, 2016

Last week we talking about it being do or die for the market after weeks of consolidation and it “did”, as the market broke out to new highs on Friday. In today’s video I show you how the market is setting […]


How to Trade a Sympathy Play

You’ve probably heard the saying “no man is an island.” Well, the same is true for stocks. The movement of a stock will often influence other stocks in the same sector. For example, if one of the big gold miners […]


Turning Day Trading Profits Into Losses

One thing years of day trading has taught me is that going for home runs is a mistake. Does that mean you don’t get a home run occasionally? Of course you do! They pop up from time to time, but the traders who […]


How to Swing Trade Earnings Breakouts in 3 Easy Steps: $EXAS

Would you like to know how to swing trade a high-probability setup for quick profits? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck. In today’s video, I show you how to swing trade the earnings breakout setup in […]


Weekly Swing Trade Report For August 1, 2016

This week is do or die time for Mr. Market. I can feel it. After twelve long days of consolidation we are ready to break out or pullback. The key to successfully trading either of these outcomes is not by […]


How to Trade Pullbacks in Momentum Stocks

We recently showed you how to trade a parabolic short setup. That’s a powerful trade that provides nice gains to the experienced. But shorting that initial drop isn’t the only way to capitalize on a parabolic stock – you can also […]


The Anatomy of a Winning Biotech Trade ($LABU) and 2016 Statistics

Remember when we said not to panic during the Brexit selloff? Today’s winning biotech exit trade puts into practice the level headed, systematic approach to trading selloffs we laid out in early July. While everyone else was busy making haphazard […]


Weekly Swing Trade Report For July 25, 2016

A potentially explosive week coming up as the market shows strength at all time highs and a ton of stocks reporting earnings. In today’s video we analyze the market as it sets up for another big run up, review my current positions and […]


4 ETF Swing Trading Ideas: Trading the BRIC

The Brexit selloff turned out to be one big over reaction, all systems are go and the “cloud is falling” market panic is in the rearview mirror. While we could just trade SPY and be happy with average gains, we […]


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