Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Bad Trading Day

Losing days are inevitable in trading. If you cannot get comfortable with red days, trading is not the profession for you. If you don’t know how to deal with losing days in a healthy manner, you will open yourself up […]


The Big Tech Breakout Marks The End of the Selloff and 5 Favorite Stocks (Weekly Swing Report)

The selloff is over. Now that big tech and the nasdaq have broke to new highs, we can safely put that nasty February selloff in the rearview mirror and look to get aggressively long. In today’s video we analyze the […]


Influences In Your Life That Are Negatively Impacting Your Trading Performance

Trading is one of the hardest professions in the world. The failure to become a profitable trader over a period of time can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be because they are trading a failing […]


How Learning To Trade Will Change Your Life Forever

There are many of you out there that follow the trading world closely but don’t actually trade. You follow traders on Twitter, you subscribe to newsletters, but you haven’t ever put on a trade. There is nothing wrong doing that […]


10 Common Mistakes New Traders Make And How To Avoid Them

I’ve made just about every trading mistake you can make over the course of my almost two-decade-long career. I have also worked with thousands of students over the past few years, and I’ve seen from first-hand experience what the most […]


Swing Trading March Stock Market Seasonality

As a swing traders it pays to know which months are historically strong than others. Heading into February, we discussed the fact that February tends to be the worst month to trade, and it’s played out that way with the […]


The Mindset You MUST Have To Become A Successful Stock Trader

The market doesn’t know or care about what you think or feel. The stock market is just a mechanism for sharing and displaying information. However, we as humans are constantly distorting information being displayed to us with our pre-existing beliefs. […]


Trading Earnings Stocks | Finding The Right Gap Plays

Every day there are hundreds of stocks that are gapping up or down before the market open. You need to have specific criteria in selecting the stocks that you trade every day. It is quite simple what you are looking […]


Free Report: Post Selloff Trading Plan and Analysis of Two New Swing Entries

The market is at a key inflection point that is setting up to give us a monster setup soon. Heading into the final day of the trading week we sill have no resolution of breakout or breakdown at the key […]


5 Habits Every Successful Day Trader Possesses

It’s no secret that trading is one of the hardest endeavors you will ever undertake. 90%+ of the people who try this do not succeed. So what do the winning traders do that the rest don’t? Winning traders develop winning […]


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