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$TNGO Trade Review – Trading Intraday Flags

I had been watching $TNGO for a few days because I knew it had squeeze potential. The stock was beaten down hard on the daily due to the lovely ladies at Streetsweeper issuing a hit piece on it last week. […]


SCI, RYL “how to trade breakouts”

Breakouts are probably the easiest trades for new traders. Breakout trading is a very simple concept and one I thought I would mention again because these are the easiest types of plays out there and ones you definetly don’t want […]


$TNGO Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakdowns

$TNGO is a great example of an earnings/PR breakdown trade. My favorite type of plays are triggered by some type of press release or earnings announcement. We then look for a technical setup intraday to find a low risk entry – […]


$ONTY Trade Review – Aligning on Multiple Time Frames

Yesterday we made a quick trade in $ONTY. I wanted to highlight how aligning stocks on multiple time frames works, as its an important concept for all traders to grasp. If you view the daily chart of $ONTY, you see that it […]


MNST “how to trade intraday bases”

I got a couple requests for me to go over my MNST play on friday and how I knew the play was going to bounce. The honest answer to this is.. that I didn’t know. Sometimes trading is about feeling […]


$TUMI $BSFT: Anatomy of breakout gappers.

We traded TUMI and BSFT in the chat today with decent gains. For new members these type of setups are our bread and butter plays. So I decided to dissect intraday setups on a 5 minute chart.Please click on the […]


$HALO Trade Review – Trading Intraday Momentum Stocks

I wanted to review my trade in $HALO today. Anytime you find a strong stock based on earnings or news it makes for a great intraday trader. The way that I like to play these is obviously to look for […]


$GDOT Trade Review – How to Trade Earnings Breakdowns

Here is a trade we did in $GDOT last week. This is a type of earnings play that we do each day during earnings season.  Earnings season is my favorite time to trade, as we see a ton of these setups. […]


$AMRS Trade Review – PR/Earnings Breakout

Here is trade we did in $AMRS. This was a PR/Earnings breakout setup. Due to a press release, the stock gapped over key resistance levels on the daily. We entered this stock: Bought: 3k shares at $3.77 Sold: 2k shares at […]


$SSYS: How to trade Flag breakouts.

SSYS was on of the trade I took in the chat room .It was on my blog watch list as buy over flag break for a break out. Stock breaks out and run a $5.53 point intraday. The actual break […]


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