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The Debate On Today’s Price Action After Geopolitical News (Weekly Swing Report)

The debate: Was today’s price action bullish or bearish? At first glance it looks bearish, especially when influenced by the geopolitical news and Asia’s price reaction. Furthermore, the indexes were read and breadth showed most stocks red as well. However, technically the price […]


7 Relative Strength Stocks Crushing The Rest Of This Ugly Market (Weekly Swing Report)

Markets that start to make violent moves after a nice and long steady uptrend are among the toughest markets to trade. The increased volatile moves to the downside, combined with strong bounces that shake out your shorts, and mixed signals […]


Is the Market Meltdown Already Over (Weekly Swing Report)?

New and even experienced traders came into this trading week feeling either confused, scared, frustrated or thrilled after last week’s market meltdown. Daily swing report members and I were feeling good after sticking to our tried and true “market meltdown” […]


7 Intro Lessons for Newbie Traders

If you’re a newbie trader you should start your education on the right track by familiarizing yourself with the fundamental concepts first. Getting a firm grasp on the basics will catapult your education faster when you really start to dig […]


How To Manage A Trade

Traders must strive to learn something every day. Today’s lesson came after I broke a few rules trading SHOP and will focus on how to manage a trade. SHOP We get our ideas from the daily chart and SHOP had […]


Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Video: https://youtu.be/FwB1GGmsBc4 SPY was flat as QQQ closed below the old high triggering the “failed breakout” setup (see video). I used the trigger to enter long inverse ETF SQQQ, which shorts the Qs when you go long. Biotech also showed some weakness […]


How To Trade The FANG Stocks Post Earnings (Weekly Swing Report)

FANG Earnings Breakouts and Breakdowns Setups The Facebook, Amazon, Google and Netflix results are in and they produced some fireworks, although not all was positive. Facebook and Netflix gapped up huge post earnings, while Google and Amazon gapped down big […]


7 Earnings Breakdown Stocks You Should Be Trading NOW

Earnings Breakdown As you guys know, the earnings breakdown setup is one of my go to trades during earnings season. However, it’s probably not quite in the manner most of you are thinking. That’s because most traders see a gap down off […]


5 Ugly Stocks To Watch (Weekly Swing Report)

I told a friend that I love trading ugly stocks. He asked me “why on earth” I would do that. My answer was that at third of my job as a trader is as a risk manager. Don’t get me […]


How To Bank Trading ETFs With Market Volatility

One of the hottest yet often overlooked stocks to trade are called ETFs. ETFS, or exchange traded funds, are securities that represent different indexes or a select group of stocks. But sometimes these funds can be hotter than the stocks […]


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