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$UNXL Trade Review – Trading Bottom Bounces

$UNXL is a recent high-flying momentum stock that has been clobbered recently. It has come down from a recent high of $37.44 to $21.60 in 5 days. Indicators point to an oversold condition. Volume has been diminishing every day. Candles are becoming narrower. […]


$RSOL: How to short via divergence for a quick 22% gain.

RSOL is one of the stock that went from low of 1.85 on Friday to a high of 4.17 today. That’s almost 285% gain in two days. It still doesn’t mean that can be shorted just because it has been […]


$yrcw “how to short parabolic stocks”

We traded $yrcw for a nice profit today and I was going to go over the mechanics of the trade.  Parabolic shorts have always been one of our “go to” setups. Here is another blog from the past explaining the setup […]


$IMMR: Earning play and continuation trade.

IMMR One of the trade I took on yesterday 5/03/13. Stock had earning on 05/02. Next morning it gapped up over the flag. For this type of trading I usually use the first orderly pullback to establish a position. Let […]


“how to play earnings breakouts intraday” $yrcw

When a stock breaks to new highs on an earnings report it can be extremely powerful. The run up for the stock often continues for multiple days following the earnings report. The second day play on these earnings stocks are […]


Thursday Night Study Session Recording

Here is the last webinar I did from a few weeks ago. We went over how to analyze stocks, how to make watchlists, organize your weekly watchlist andthen talked a bit about market structure!  Sorry it took so long to […]


Realizing My Trading Goals With Bulls Bootcamp by Chris Zielinski

Hey guys.  One of our students chris whoo took  a bootcamp a few sessions ago has started to really pick things up. He really went through some real struggles  before he got going and consistently making money each day.  His […]


$BLOX: How to catch a falling knife proper way.

BLOX was on our watch list for a bounce play. On the daily chart stock had a big volume earning gap on 2/22. As you can also see back in 11/29 the stock also gapped up on earning then pulled […]


$UNXL Trade Review – PR/Earnings Breakout Setup

Here is a trade we made in $UNXL yesterday. This is based on the PR/earnings breakout setup which we play every day in chat room. It’s one of the staples of our Bulls method. During earnings season we are always […]


$SLCA: Day Trading Pullback on Earnings Gapper

$SLCA gapped up nicely on good earning news today. As you can see on the daily chart, the stock gapped open at $20.94, over both rising 20/50 MAs and not too far off the daily break level of $21.50.It quickly […]


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