Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

How Does Day Trading Compare To Investing and Gambling?

Day trading is a profession with an image problem. Hollywood blockbusters and cultural myths are happy to tell the story of drug-fueled gamblers swindling kind-hearted souls out of their money. But the reality is, in truth, much more banal than […]


Who is Jordan Belfort?

Photo credit: Stuart McEvoy Source: news.com.au Martin Scorcese’s Wolf of Wall Street is a thrilling, barn-burning, high-octane depiction of securities trader Jordan Belfort. His party lifestyle and meteoric rise and fall are excellent fodder for movie goers, but what do we know about the […]


10 Great Beginner Trading Tips From The Pro’s

Day trading is a fast-paced occupation, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. From moving markets to moving analytics, choosing the right position, entry point, and even sector of the market can be a nigh impossible exercise. But trading is possible, […]


Earn Full-Time Money Through Part-Time Effort

To quote conventional wisdom, “time is money.” And while this phrase has some truth, time is also time. The precious seconds we’re given everyday are a commodity in their own rite, affording time with our friends and family, the opportunity […]


Day Trading: The Importance of Keeping Your Emotions Under Control

Human beings are not calculators. Sometimes, perhaps, we wish we were. After all, there’s plenty of money to be made off of good math, and day trading is living proof of that fact. In some ways, our ability to think […]


Technical Analysis 101: 5 Things You Need To Know

Bulls and bears, booms and busts; each scenario provides an opportunity for profit. While long-term investors concern themselves with fundamental market movements, those playing the short game understand the importance of a little statistical know-how. Technical analysis isn’t simple, but […]


What To Do When You Fail

Day trading is an attractive proposition. The potential to make a great deal of wealth is what has those unaware of the complexities and challenges sauntering into the market planning on nothing but success. That’s why hitting that first bump […]


10 Ultimate Trading Survival Techniques

Trading is not for the faint of heart. Varying amounts of personal investment and often-stressful conditions can wear down the unprepared. For this reason, a little foreknowledge goes a long way in determining success. Here are ten tips to keep […]


Trading Education vs. Trial-and-Error: How to Save on Time, Money, and Headaches

For the uninitiated and un-enlightened, day trading can seem like snake oil. Hollywood and media depictions of arrogant suits building piles of money through suspicious activity seem to dominate the public view-port. But the process is nothing like these dramatizations […]


Intraday Trading- 12/12

Hey guys! We had a really sick day today in the room. Stocks were flying everywhere. I wanted to point out some of the intraday patterns that we traded today so you guys could understand a little bit more about […]


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