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If you are new to the site, watch these tutorials to get you started with site navigation and how to use the chat room: Chat Room (boom factory) tutorial How to use Bullson.ws website video


Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts

Press releases are hit and miss. Most of the time they are absolute fluff designed to keep heat off a stock or to pump it up for a surprise or, even worse, a dilution.   The majority of the ones I […]


$SLV Trade Review – Trading Bear Flags

Lots of members have asked me to build a library of different setups that we trade every day. Here is an example of how to trade  a “bear flag.” This is one of the most high probability short setups that […]


Boom Factory Enhancements Video

New features include: ability to choose who you want to include/exclude from your chat stream turn on/off sound notification for trades made by Kunal and Ryan ticker symbols in bold if preceded by dollar sign ($)   select 720p to […]


CHINA Intraday Scalp Review

This is one of my favorite intraday scalp setups. In order to find this intraday move, I have a screen that I start running about an hour after the market opens. The screen looks for stocks that are up for […]


Options Education Webinar Video

Intro To Options Webinar


A quick Explanation of VWAP


CYTX Scalp Review

Click image for larger view:


Gap Up Trade Ideas

Today was one of those days.. We were all excited about the gap up, just to watch the market fade, then chop, then move again, etc.  It’s very hard to understand when and where to make a trade… do I […]


Boom Factory Webinar Uploaded to Help

If you were unable to attend the Boom Factory introduction webinar this evening, you can find it in help under “How Do I Use the Boom Factory Chat Room?”  It’s the second video. Let me know if you have questions […]


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