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Making Watchlists

This is a quick post on making watchlists. This is one of the most important parts of trading. Each day, before you get ready to trade, you need to have 10-15 setups that are ready to roll.  If you wake up […]


$ZOLT Trade Review – Trading Red to Green Moves

One of my favorite triggers on a stock is the red to green move, also called “R/G.” We use this many times a week as a way to time our entries in particular stocks. Essentially, we use this trigger when […]


Daily Trading Checklist

DAILY TRADING CHECKLIST 1. What is your bias today? bullish? bearish? rangebound? 2. What sectors are firing/what type of setups is working best? Flatop breakouts, bottom bouncers, flat base breakouts, Breakout/pullback to support plays etc 3. What is your edge today on […]


$ARSD and $TSTC Trade Review – Trading Parabolic Shorts

Hey folks! I received a lot of questions about my $ARSD trade, so I decided to write a blog post breaking it down. The stock broke out at $4.60 on the chart and ran on high volume.  I missed the break on the […]



Hey guys.  Lot of you guys have asked me about scanning and how to look for stocks.  Maribeth almost always finds excellent setups and she uses all free tools.  One of the things I always tell the guys I coach […]


How I Setup My Charts

I’ve received a few questions from some of the new guys about how I setup my charts. I like to keep a simple setup that shows me clear charts so that I can focus on price action solely.  There are over […]


$SOHU Trade Review – Setting Stops

Good evening, folks. This is a trade review on $SOHU.  $SOHU was a huge runner Friday morning off its initial gap down, which was 5-6%.  This is one of my favorite setups for catching knives.  It’s the washout setup that I’ve […]


$PZG Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts

Here is a video trade review of $PZG.  This is one of the setups that we trade all the time – PR breakouts.  In our education section, I have a host of videos that go over this setup, from how […]


$CIEN Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Here is a video review for our trade in $CIEN. While the market was down over 100 points today, $CIEN was up over 20%.  The setup on this is the earnings breakout. When a stock has earnings that beat expectations, a […]


$PLAB Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Here is a video covering our trade in $PLAB. This was a successful earnings breakout trade; we loaded up at the $6.4 area and added more shares for a 2nd trade at $7.00. This stock ran all the way to $7.60 that […]


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