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$AMRS Trade Review – PR/Earnings Breakout

Here is trade we did in $AMRS. This was a PR/Earnings breakout setup. Due to a press release, the stock gapped over key resistance levels on the daily. We entered this stock: Bought: 3k shares at $3.77 Sold: 2k shares at […]


$SSYS: How to trade Flag breakouts.

SSYS was on of the trade I took in the chat room .It was on my blog watch list as buy over flag break for a break out. Stock breaks out and run a $5.53 point intraday. The actual break […]


INVN “how to trade red to green moves”

I talked about this trade in the webinar tonight but wanted to go over it for any one who didnt get to attend. The red to green play is one of our go to setups and a very easy way […]


$SWI Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts Intraday

A lot of times intraday breakouts are a bit hard to post, especially when you get a good move with earnings or news behind it. These intraday breaks are pretty easy to trade and make for decent money as long as […]


$VVUS Trade Review – Shorting Intraday Bear Flags

I’ve received a couple email requests from people wanting a review of the $VVUS short I made. I saw $VVUS breaking down right out of the gate, in the morning. I actually missed the big breakdown spot as it had tapped the […]


$EDU Trade Review – Shorting Intraday Breakdowns

The majority of the time, your biggest percentage gains come from daily charts. However, when you get a stock with major momentum and news behind it, you can hit huge winners on the stock trading off the intraday chart. Our […]


$ETRM Trade Review – Trading Flat Top Breakouts

We had $ETRM on our watchlist last night as a possible breakout play today. We took this trade and made a nice profit on it. It’s a very simple concept and one I thought I would mention again because these are […]


ACI “how to trade sympathy plays”

Today we traded ACI for $200 dollar gain. I actually messed this trade up pretty bad as the gain should have been much more. Here is a look at why i entered the trade and how I screwed it up!! I […]


$NFLX Trade Review – Aligning on Multiple Time Frames

Here is a trade we did on $NFLX. This is a stock that we have had on the blog for the last few days as a potential squeeze play. On Friday, right off the bat in the morning it broke […]


7 Rules for Day Traders

I put together a list of my favorite trading rules. I actually have these on sticky notes on my computer now to remind me! It sounds stupid, but it helps! Email me at if you’re interested in learning to trade or […]


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