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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Z: How to short for day trade using price divergence.

Z had a good day today as the daily chart broke out. Low of the day was 29.60. I was watching it in the afternoon today as it was making new highs for a trade either long or short.. I […]


$CBMX Trade Review – Trading Red to Green Moves

The Red to Green play is one of our go-to setups and a very easy way to make quick money. You want to wait and let this setup confirm before you enter.  The characteristics of a Red to Green move […]


$ACAD Trade Review – Trading Gap Fills

Here is a short that we made in $ACAD last week. This is a short based on the gap fill principle that we use quite often in our chat room.  We originally took this short at $5.95 and played a couple […]


$mmr “how to find the squeeze zone”

One of the hardest things to do in trading is catch the bottom in stocks that are tanking. News comes out and tanks a stock essentially putting it on “sale” and everyone starts trying to figure out where the bottom is. […]


$MMR and $RIMM Trade Review – Shorting Intraday

Today we shorted $MMR and $RIMM in the chat room for nice profits. Here is a review of the trades: $MMR- we shorted this stock at the perfect spot on an intraday chart. We do this short alot in the chat room […]


Chronicles of a Day Trader

Hey guys! @ckz8780 has been writing a blog of his chronicles of his quest to be a daytrader. He is one of the students in our bootcamp he took our last session. He is also very active in our bulls […]


$jdsu and $tngo “how to trade using daily and intraday charts”

Wanted to review my two posted trades from today and my thought process behind them.. 1. The first one was JDSU, I pretty much sold it right after I bought it and I wanted to explain the reasoning to you guys. […]


$DDD and $ANGI Trade Review – Earnings Breakouts

Earnings breakouts are the most powerful setups. The Bulls team kills these trades over and over again. Our two biggest winners today that were alerted in the chat room were earnings breakouts plays ($ANGI and $DDD). All you have to […]


$sify “how to play earnings breakouts”

Well it’s earnings season and time for us to start hitting some big winners again! Earnings breakouts are one of our favorite types of trades at bulls. One nice thing is you don’t even have to scan at night to […]


Thursday Night Study Session Recording

Great class guys.  We talked a lot about market structure. Where & how to read the market indices.  Also we dug into when are high probability times to enter the market for swings & overnights.  Then we proceeded to go […]


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