Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

5 Psychological Obstacles New Traders Must Overcome To Achieve Consistency

New traders often come into trading with unrealistic expectations in terms of profitability and success. Unfortunately, the instincts to succeed in trading are not natural for most people. You have to completely re-program yourself to instill the habits you need […]


How To Time Swing Trade Entries During A Post Sell-Off Breakout (Live Trades)

When do you know a market selloff is over? Unfortunately, you never really know until the market breaks out over it’s old high. That can be an agonizingly long wait, and there’s a lot of profit opportunity that gets passed […]


How To Profit From Volatiliy In The 2018 Stock Market

We are witnessing a major trend change in all the major stock market indices in 2018. Last Friday, the Nasdaq actually went red on the year after the latest 2% intraday correction. Market corrections are inevitable, so you have to […]


5 Ways To Prevent Boredom Trading From Destroying Your Account

Boredom trades are one of the biggest issues for struggling day traders. You want to get paid for the time you commit to trading. But unfortunately making money every day is the wrong expectation for new traders, especially day traders, […]


How to Find Bullish Stocks in Bear Markets In Under 2 Minutes

It’s depressing flipping though your watchlist in a bear market, for all you’ll come across is a sea of red tickers. Like a big tidal wave, the market takes everything down with it. Even stocks that have been leading the […]


Top 3 Most Common Trading Questions Answered

Can Anyone Become A Full-Time Trader? No. The reality is that not everyone has the work ethic, the correct mindset, or the right personality to be a successful trader. Trading is one of the hardest professions in the world. There […]


Top 4 Causes Of Huge Trading Losses and How To Avoid Them

In trading, you are in control of everything you do. The market can do whatever it wants, so the only thing you need to focus on is your trading system and your behavior. You cannot directly control whether your trades […]


3 Tips to Trade Volatile Oversold Markets

The best way to blow up your account is to trade during a market selloff. This is the period that crushes many novice traders. However, it can also be an extremely profitable period to trade, if you know what to […]


Morning Routine For Success In Trading

Trading is one of the hardest games in the world. At the same time, there is no other profession that can offer such a source of scalable income and personal freedom. You are your own boss, the CEO of your […]


How To Diversify Your Income

Having just one source of income is incredibly risky. Life is full of uncertainty, and anything can happen. Maybe your corporate job gets outsourced to India. Maybe you went all in on Bitcoin at $20k in December. The reality is […]


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