Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 02.07.2018

Couple of wild day in the market. Finally market caught an over sold bounce. SPY short term support at 100 MA and resistance now at 50 MA. After two wide range days in the market, I am not expecting any […]

History Of Stock Market Crashes And How to Profit From Them

Yesterday the Dow dropped 1,175 points in a single trading day, the biggest point decline in the Dow’s history. This stat is somewhat deceiving because it is not the biggest percentage decline in the stock market ever. The last year […]

How To Trade The Big Market Pullback (Weekly Swing Report)

What goes up must come down. This concept applies not only to physics but trading as well. The biggest pullback come after the market has made insane run ups. That’s exactly what we are witnessing right now. In today’s video […]

Trading Watch List 02.05.2018

Volatility kicked into gear as market sold off across the board. SPY lost over 2%, biggest red day in 2 years.Market finally in much needed overdue correction phase. Is the run in market finally over? We don’t know that yet. […]

7 Characteristics Of The Best Momentum Stocks

Finding momentum stocks is not something that happens by chance. There is a list of ingredients that the most explosive stocks have. When you have four or more of these ingredients in the same stock, you should have this stock […]

Trading Watch List 02.02.2018

Choppy , sloppy range bound  consolidation action in SPY. Many eyes on 20 MA support. After hours, earning came from AMZN, AAPL and GOOG. Reaction from those names along with big unemployment data in the morning will determine the next […]

4 Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies were the biggest thing to happen in finance in 2017. You have likely heard and read about the 1000’s of percent returns they yielded for holders over the course of the last year. After studying and trading cryptocurrencies successfully […]

Trading Watch List 01.31.2018

Finally some volatility in the market. SPY broke tat uptrend channel and closed below short term momentum indicator 8 EMA. Will be one of those one/two day sell of and done? We don’t know but all eyes will be in […]

Trading Watch List 01.29.2018

Another breakout day for the market. Nothing new to report.Market just grinding higher. If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to trade you need to check out our trading courses. Our program is designed in such a […]

5 Tips To Combat Overtrading

“Money is made by SITTING. Not TRADING”.- Jesse Livermore, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. One of the biggest reasons 90%+ traders fail is because they overtrade, and think they need to be in everything that moves. Here are 5 things […]

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