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Trading Watch List 07.12.2017

SPY defended 50 MA yet again. 20 MA remains resistance. Better action in Nasdaq as technology names rallied , QQQ approaching 50 MA resistance. Decent trading action with our go to tech name like TSLA, AAOI, NVDA ,SHOP. TSLA quick […]

Why Bitcoin Is NOT The Best Coin To Trade – Cryptocurrency Trading Begins

I’m a professional day trader who has spent years mastering my craft and focusing on stocks. Stocks have been my bread and butter. Our next bootcamp is coming up and our seats are filling up fast. It’s here that I […]

5 Hot Solar Stocks (Weekly Swing Report)

When I get asked about the keys to success for a swing trader, I always start with sector analysis. A successful swing traders must know “where to be” in the market, then drill down to “what to trade”. That’s exactly what […]

Trading Watch List 07.10.2017

Positive day for the market. SPY flip flopping around 50 MA and looks to be printing a bearish rounded top pattern. So far direction less range bound action. Nasdaq caught a support hold rally. 20/50 MA overhead resistance now. Rally […]

Day Trading Tips: Mental Capital vs Financial Capital

There are two types of capital in trading. You have your financial capital, which is your account size and max loss per trade/day and then you have your mental capital. This refers to whether you’re able to stay alert and […]

Trading Watch List 07.06.2017

Flat day for SPY, basically doing nothing and stuck in a range. Nasdaq holding support for now but looks vulnerable. Trading action in individual names/sectors remains hot as we have some rotation from sector to sector which can be traded […]

How To Play Tech Sector Distribution

What we’re seeing in the market is a sector rotation. Sector rotation describes where and how the money flows from one sector to another. Right now a lot of money is flowing out of the tech sector which has been […]

Bigger Gains Shorting Stocks As The Market Rolls Over

We recently had a market roll over which can provide many great shorting opportunities. A lot of people assume they can only go long. But when this type of dump happens, you can have bigger gains because the range expands. […]

How To Use Futures Trading To Leverage What Is Happening In The Stock Market

We have a really special treat for you. Lately I’ve been seeing inflection points in the market. So what I do is, go in and use a futures trade to leverage the opportunity of what I think is happening in […]

Become a Stock Trader! Day Trader Documentary

Recently we had a great group of students who want to learn how to be a day trader stay with me at my  place down in Florida. We spent our time soaking in the sun, chilling at the beach, and […]

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