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Weekly Swing Trade Report For October 31, 2016

In today’s weekly swing trade video  I analyze the pre-election market and discuss what makes a successful swing trader, lay out a potential biotech trade and give you 5 actionable setups to trade in this range-bound market. Tune in for my […]

Trading Watch List 10.31.2016

Good earning from GOOG couldn’t  get market going yet again after the news came out that FBI was looking into Hillary Clinton’s email again. Although SPY managed to close over key support and in range again, political uncertainty still remains […]

CASE STUDY: How To Swing Trade Range-bound Markets Using Relative Strength

Range-bound Markets and Relative Strength The road to trading hell is paved with range-bound markets. That’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact. Most traders I come across fear the downtrending market, but it’s actually markets that are stuck within a right […]

How to Trade an Earnings Breakdown

We’ve been stuck in a tight trading range lately, so a lot of stocks aren’t moving very much. But the great thing about the momentum stocks I most like trading is that they aren’t dependent on the overall market being […]

Trading Watch List 10.28.2016

Yet again decent  earning from TSLA and TWTR  couldn’t get the market going as SPY gapped up and closed at the lows. Even though SPY still in range,there are some worrisome signs. Small cap IWM chart broke down Thursday,that itself […]

Is Paul Really Looking To Swing Trade AAPL?

Is Paul really looking to swing trade $AAPL? I know that’s the question on most Swing Trade Report members minds since I have not traded Apple even once this year. We trade volatile stocks, and $AAPL isn’t the young upstart […]

Trading Watch List 10.26.2016

Market just can’t get anything going even after some decent earnings and merger news. Slow boring low volume boring trading environment. Even though SPY still in a range, action in individual stocks are worrisome and downright nasty. Hardly any relative […]

Trading Watch List 10.24.2016

Nothing new to report as far as market, range bound action continues. Most likely market will stuck in a range until the election is over.As far as individual stocks, there are some decent trading action last couple of days but […]

Trading Watch List 10.21.2016

Flat day in the Market as SPY still stuck on the range with resistance at 214.64. As far as individual stocks, there are some decent trading action last couple of days but you have to flip them quickly. Intraday volatile […]

How To Unlock the Power of Relative Strength and Trend Pullbacks | Winning $BRZU Swing Trade

Trend Pullback Setup and Relative Strength There are only 24 people trading the trend pullback correctly. After you read this post and watch the video there will be 25. The hidden mistake swing traders make when trading pullbacks is they […]

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