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Trading Watch List 04.03.2017

Small red day a tad weak close  for SPY on Friday after failing to take out 236.52 high from Thursday. Basically creating 2 day double top. Below 236.50,SPY is in a range between 20 and 50 MA, regardless, action in […]

How To Align Multiple Timeframes

Recently we published a previous article on Aligning Multiple Timeframes. Well our own Szaman must’ve read it, because he made a killer trade today doing just that! In case you don’t know, Szaman is also one of the moderators of […]

How to play the Gap Down For A Short

Not long ago, we talked about one of our favorite setups, the Gap and Go. But did you know the exact same principles can be applied in the opposite direction? On March 30th, we played LULU for a Gap and […]

Why We Trade Low Float Momentum Stocks

In our trading room, our primary focus will always be momentum stocks. But did you know a common characteristic among momentum stocks is a low float? See the float of a stock actually represents the number of shares that are […]

Trading Watch List 03.31.2017

Old fashioned grind up action in the market that everyone has accustomed of seeing lately.   Technology index QQQ already back to all time high. So it wont be surprising too see SPY follows suit soon.although it’s approaching some overhead […]

How To Play The Gap Up Fade

How many times have you woken up early, scanned the market and found the perfect gapper? The stock reports of strong earnings and a gaps 4% above significant resistance levels. But as soon the market opens it tanks lower and lower without […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology: The Missing Link There is a ton of advice on trading setups out there in the blogosphere. Some of it is good, most of it is bad, but none of it impacts your trading as much as your own […]

Aligning Multiple Timeframes

On March 27th, we placed a trade on $NVDA for some decent gains. But we didn’t just enter into $NVDA randomly, we used a rational approach to prior to the trade by aligning multiple timeframes. We generate our initial trade ideas […]

Trading Watch List 03.29.17

Decent rally  in the market,after Monday’s “shake and bake” 50 MA break and a close back over 50 MA gave a nice follow through rally Tuesday. SPY backed down 235.80, previous resistance zone but managed to close over 8 EMA. […]

Weekly Swing Trade Report (Potential Market Short Trigger)

This morning SPY is set to open the week below it’s key 50 day moving average. If SPY closes today below this level, we have a potential market short trigger. In the TRADE REPORT we are prepared for this, already […]

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