Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 12.01.2017

Fun times continues for SPY and mega cap stocks in DOW but technology index QQQ remains the ugly duckling. Weak bounce for technology names after Wednesday’s mega sell off as money continues to rotate into biotech,financials retailers, oil, names. QQQ […]

Trading Watch List 11.29.2017

Another day, another all time high for market. Nothing new to say, bulls are in complete control as dips get bough fast and furiously. Trading action remains smoking hot both ways, long and short. Bitcoin names gave huge run up, […]

4 Rules For Swing Trading Momentum

Swing trading momentum stocks is a fine art. It requires sound risk management, a ton of patience, and mastery over your emotions. It’s not like day trading where everything is resolved in a few hours, and requires a very different […]

Momentum Stocks That Are Popping While The Rest Are Dropping (Weekly Swing Report)

Today was an odd day. While the indexes were basically break even, it’s noteworthy that the momentum stocks that have been on fire were down as a group. This poor underlying market breadth showed up in my own momentum watchlist. […]

Trading Watch List 11.27.2018

Slow grind up action for indices. Given it was a holiday week, as expected, strong trading action continued  on speculative names.Sick moves on names bitcoin themed spec names like  RIOT,MARA, SRAX. Going in to next week, seeing many extended stocks […]

Step By Step Guide For Trading Momentum Stocks for Beginners

Momentum stocks can grow your trading account exponentially if you know how to manage risk, find good entries, and stick to your trading plan. New and inexperienced traders have to be especially careful because they can destroy there account as […]

11 Stocks To Swing Trade After Thanksgiving (Pop, Drop, Pop)

Post-Thanksgiving Trading Yes, the market is open on Friday. While the day after Thanksgiving is a holiday for almost everyone, but not for us traders! Their will be plenty of opportunity for traders who do not take the day off. Historically the […]

Trading Watch List 11.22.2017

Market breaks out to all time high again. Nice action as expected on holiday shortened week and it looks the momentum should continue for the week, so enjoy as long it last. . Watch list names, TWTR,WUBA,ESIO, DAIO,BABA, OSTK gave […]

Swing Trading Year Ending Mark Ups: Semiconductors Are On Fire! (Weekly Swing Report)

I’ll let you in on a little market trading secret: Stocks tend to go up in December. What’s so great about December, besides food, family and the holidays? End of the year mark ups. You see, money managers want to […]

Trading The Market Open – Strategies For The First Hour

The first hour after the market open is the most volatile time of day. It’s a period of price discovery. It’s possible to make huge gains in just a matter of minutes. However, it is also possible to lose a […]

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