Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 11.14.2016

SPY in congestion zone ,mostly due to the fact that technology stocks are under performing. But big run in small caps and many industrial names as action in individual stocks remain hot. DRYS ,one of  the small cap names that […]

How (and what!) to trade post-election

Wow! The election is finally over. Whether you supported Hillary or Trump, now it’s time to get down to the business of making money. So what happens next? The anticipation going into yesterday was that the Trump win would lead to […]

SPECIAL EVENING REPORT: Key Election Day Market Developments You Must Know

Today’s election day market volatility left many of you swing traders searching for answers because you just don’t know what to do. Don’t worry guys, it’s not difficult. I have simplified the process and made it easy to know exactly […]

Trading Watch List 11.10.2016

Amazing 24 hours of Market. S& P futures was on free fall mode Tuesday night after realizing Trump will be the possible winner. However after all the overnight drama ,SPY was able to close to green and up over 1% […]

Check out Taylor’s gains!

One of my students just made an awesome video talking about his growth as a trader. I had a lot of fun working with Taylor on his recent trip to Florida and I’m thrilled to see how much it’s helped […]

How To Trade Around ELECTION DAY (Weekly Swing Report)!

Election day is here! As traders we don’t care who wins, as long as we get some volatility. The likely scenario is if Hillary wins we get a nice pop then it’s back to trading as usual, while if Trump […]

Trading Watch List 11.07.2016

SPY bounced closed 200 MA and made a move higher intraday but with typical bear market action ,failed miserably at the end of the day, closing in red. Given how oversold market was, condition was ripe for a bounce , […]

Trading Watch List 11.04.2016

Orderly grinding down action continues in the market. No sign of panic or capitulation type action yet except for biotech, some of the bio names saw absolute blood bath on Thursday. No surprise here as  far as this type of […]

How To Make $1500 Shorting The Netflix Earnings Breakout

Earnings Breakout Short Setup They tell you to never go agains the trend. I am here to disprove yet another piece of commonly held trading “wisdom” with one of my favorite swing trading moves, shorting earnings breakouts. It is a […]

Trading Watch List 11.02.2016

Ugly day for the Market as SPY finally caught up with “worrisome signs” that I have wrote about.As i wrote on a earlier post “small cap IWM chart broke down Thursday,that itself a major technical break down that might lead […]

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