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Trading Watch List 07.21.2017

Flat day in the market but no sign of weakness yet. SPY trending up. Could really use a test of 8 EMA and some basing. Nasdaq “V” shape grind up continues. This type of grind move up tends to make […]

How To Trade Volatile Trend Pullbacks In Momentum Stocks (Winning Netflix Trade)

Trading Volatile Trend Pullbacks You guys know I love trading trend pullbacks, especially shallow pullbacks in momentum markets. Generally, I don’t like volatile trend pullbacks, but rather pullbacks that are orderly and thus, easy to trade. Why? It’s because trend […]

How To Trade The End Of Day Fade

I wanted to go over a quick trade I made and that I do quite often. It’s called the end of day fade. When you’ve got a stock that’s up a lot, at some point its trend gets so extended […]

Trading Watch List 07.19.2017

SPY basing out in breakout area.Looks to head higher. Nasdaq grinding higher as expected. Trading remains actionable,mostly with technology names as dips getting bought. SHOP,NVDA, TSLA gave some nice trades on dip buys for us. Trade with the squad! Trade […]

How To Trade Ethereum – Cryptocurrency To Watch

Ethereum is the second most traded coin after bitcoin. It has the best characteristics to trading in terms of volume and range, my primary choice over bitcoin. I’m going to be doing a live event on YouTube on Wednesday July […]

Bitcoin Pullback Setting Up An EXPLOSIVE Bounce or CRASH?

The hot topic on everyone’s minds lately is cryptocurrency. The big question has been where will bitcoin start to bounce? Will it bounce or will it crash? Is it done or will it start to move again? I’m going to […]

Let’s Prepare For a HUGE Trading Week (Weekly Swing Report)

I’ve got a treat for all of you dedicated Weekly Swing Report members. Today you get premium content with the full Swing Trade Report video. Why am I making it free to all today? It’s because I want all of […]

Trading Watch List 07.17.2017

Over 20 MA resistance rally continues and it didn’t take long, SPY finally breaks out of almost 3 months long range. Nasdaq “V” shape grind up mode continues. Hitting some resistance now.Could use some basing above 50 MA but you […]

Market Recap: Implementing Day Trading Strategies For Profits

We have a real treat for you today. Exclusively for our bootcamp students we hold live market recap sessions where we review the biggest moves of the day and my personal trades. Today we decided to share our recap session […]

Trading Watch List 07.14.2017

SPY rally back over 20 MA resistance.Hopefully finally breaks out of the range in coming days. Nasdaq in “V” shape grind up mode again. Ideally Could use some basing above 50 MA but you never know, might just grind higher. […]

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