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My 5 Favorite Low Float Stocks To Trade Before Earnings Season (Weekly Swing Report)

Be on the lookout because earnings season is right around the corner. As usual, the big boys are in a bit of a holding pattern until earnings start to role in, with only a few select big names like TSLA […]

Day Trading Watchlist 4/11/2017

Hello folks! Up and down day for the stock market.  Day Trading can be a bit tricky during these times.  Dont fret these type of ranges dont last forever the key is to keep stress and losses to a minimum […]

Trading Watch List 04.10.2017

SPY squeezed again between 20 MA resistance and 50 MA support. Watching for a move either way, over 20 MA for long, under 50 MA for shorts.Likely it will pick a direction this week. Hit and run tactical trading for […]

Trading Watch List 04.07.2017

As usual bears have yet again failed to follow trough after failed break out type action on Wednesday. SPY bounces 50 MA yet again.Line in the sand for now. Keep in mind,bounce attempt was  weak for most stocks. In our […]

Trading Watch List 04.05.2017

SPY squeezed between 20 MA resistance and 50 MA support. Watching for a move either way, over 20 MA for long, under 50 MA for shorts. Even though SPY closed green, mostly due to the green action from AAPL,AMZN and […]

The One Stock To Watch in April Is Tesla

If you put a gun to my head (this is a hypothetical folks!) and told me to pick one stock for the month of April, it’s a no brainer that I pick Tesla. TSLA has been on fire this year […]

How To Trade Bounce Plays With Szaman

Another insane day in the chatroom today folks! Our very own Szaman called out a few monster trades to all members. Szaman is one of our Bullsonwallstreet head traders who calls out trades and moderates our chat! He’s in there […]

Weekly Swing Trade Report (Oil and Beaten Down Stocks)

While SPY breaks through key levels and the FANG stocks lead the market, some beaten down stocks and sectors are starting to pop as well. In today’s video I go over the oil and energy sector (I currently have a position in […]

How To Play The Gap and Go For A Short Day 2

On March 30th, we played LULU for a Gap and Go, but in the short direction. But not too long ago we posted an article saying that momentum stocks can still have enough juice to run for a second day. […]

Checklist Of Things You Need For Your First Day Of Live Trading.

So you’ve got everything in place and you’ve finally made the big decision to transition to your first day of trading live. But before you dive in, you need to make sure that you’re completely prepared mentally and physically. So, […]

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