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Trading Watch List 12.29.2016

Santa suddenly left the Market when everyone was expecting a Santa Clause rally. Unexpected year end profit taking hit the market as SPY had a pretty nasty sell off day since the election rally began. SPY closed right at 20 […]

11 Swing Trading Lessons Learned in 2016

Swing Trading Lessons Learned in 2016 Successful traders are constantly learning, and 2016 gave us our fair share of swing trading lessons to implement and add to our trading arsenal in a year that was full of unexpected events. Let’s […]

Trading Watch List 12.27.2016

SPY basing action above 224.67 support . SPY 20 MA also catching up to price.All good so gar for a next move higher.Decent trading action continues in individual stocks as breadth remains strong ,sector rotation and dip buys on strong […]

Short Selling Tips – A How To Guide to Shorting

Short Selling Tips Short selling – also referred to simply as ‘shorting’ – is a vital trading tool that every trader should be acquainted with. It provides several benefits to the active trader. First, and most importantly, it significantly increases […]

How To Swing Trade Continuation Patterns (Live Trades)

Swing Trading Continuation Patterns Continuation patterns may not be as sexy as the initial momentum burst from which they develop, but they are just as profitable and often provide lower risk trades. The setups are often passed up for breakouts […]

Trading Watch List 12.21.2016

SPY recaptured short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. Basing action now for a next move higher. All good as long 224.67 support holds. Decent action again in individual stocks as breadth remains strong ,sector rotation and dip buys on […]

Weekly Swing Trade Report For December 19, 2016

In today’s Weekly Swing Trade Report Video we review actionable setups in two specific sectors and pinpoint the exact entry strategies for the potential setups. Commodities and biotech are both at key inflection points that are ripe for our bread and butter […]

Trading Watch List 12.19.2016

SPY closed below short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. Needs to recover 8 EMA and build a base here or chop around until 20 MA catches up a bit. Looking through many charts, it seems momentum have slowed down […]

Trading Watch List 12.16.2016

SPY consolidation mode over short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. SPY support now 225.40. All good as long basing over that. Some nice runners from watch list, NVDA, DUST,X,CLF,IONS all gave actionable trading setups and nice gains. I’ll be […]

Common Trading Mistakes | Ignoring the Longer Timeframe

As a day trader, it’s easy to get so focused on every little tick that you lose sight of the big picture. Just because you don’t pay attention to long-term timeframes doesn’t mean they don’t impact your trades. Here’s a […]

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