Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 02.22.2017

Another day and another all time high for the Market. Nothing new to report. Indices just grinding higher and higher. Watch list names, TSLA, NVDA , ESPR, VREX all gave some nice trading action. If you are struggling with your […]

Trading Watch List 02.17.2017

Well deserved rest day in the market after seven straight green days. Healthy action,stocks needs consolidation /basing action to gain strength for next move.Few days rest or sideways action will also relieve  overbought conditions. If you are struggling with your […]

How to Sell the News

We talk a lot of about trading press releases and earnings releases to the long side. In fact, stocks with momentum from a fundamental catalyst are our bread and butter. We use a lot of different setups – flags, ORBs, quick […]

Trading Watch List 02.15.2017

Run away market continues to go higher as every little dips get bought . Market is technically extended but momentum in Bulls court as shorts keeps on getting squeezed until price action changes.. Trading action in individual stocks still remain […]

Trading Watch List 02.13.2017

Grind up continuation on SPY breakout. Trading action in individual stocks still remain strong as dips gets bought in stocks. Nothing new to report as far as indices as all of them making all time highs. If you are struggling […]

How To Generate Profits Trading Continuation Patterns (Winning Trade NVDA)

Trade continuation patterns or commit trading suicide. Trading Continuation Patterns Like many traders, I  learned this the hard way early in my trading career. I would tell myself a momentum stock could not  go any higher only to watch in bewilderment […]

Trading Watch List 02.10.2017

Break out day for SPY. Nice action from watch list names. TSLA, NFLX, EXEL, TSRO all had decent run. Trading action in individual stocks still remain strong. Sector rotation has been in play as we saw today, money went into […]

Lazy Man’s Watchlist

$vsto , $sncr, $twtr $osur, $clf , $payc $zen , $irbt, $etrm  GAPPERS FOR TODYAY wait for ORB’s, quick pullback trades only on them $x, $stx, $aa $ati $cenx for flags watchlist! $espr for rubberband short enjoy!

Trading Watch List 02.08.2016

SPY breakout attempt by the bulls but it stalled at resistance. Even though strong action in SPY and technology QQQ,action in Small cap etf IWM is a bit worrisome as it actually closed red and below 50 MA again. Something […]

Trading Setups –

As a trader, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your computer, so you’ll want it to be fast, reliable and stylish. I have a custom setup that makes it easy (well, as easy as is reasonably possible) to […]

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