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Sector Watch: Airlines Are Flying High (Weekly Swing Report)

I know it’s a bad pun, but it’s true: Airlines are flying high. Every week I do an in-depth sector analysis and what stood out more than housing, financials or semi-conductors (all sectors we’ve been watching) was the strength of […]

Trading Watch List 10.09.2017

Slight pause day for SPY after 6 days of run. Indices sure could use basing/sideways action to relieve overbought situation.Select stocks still actionable for  intraday trading. Watch list names, TTD,CLVS,ROKU have decent trading action. Few days of basing action in […]

7 Hacks For Newbie Traders To Win Faster

Without a proper plan, trading is a tough game. But when it’s treated as a job, like being a doctor or a lawyer, the finish line to success can look a lot easier. Here are 7 hacks all traders should […]

Trading Watch List 10.06.2017

SPY grind up continues. Up 6 days in a row. Technology, QQQ finally broke out as expected. Overbought market but , it can also stay overbought. Except a few select names, not many actionable setups intraday.As a short term trader.I […]

Quick Guide To Trading Momentum Stocks

Momentum stocks will often have follow through momentum in the following days after a big breakout/ breakdown with the right catalyst. However, you don’t want to blindly buy and short an in play stock from the previous day. Here are […]

Trading Stocks Reacting to News Without Reading It

Trading stocks reacting to news without reading it? Seems like a weird thing to do but let me explain. Our bread and butter is trading momentum stocks, especially those that get hit with news. We took a trade today in […]

Trading Watch List 10.04.2017

Grind up,no volatility action continues for the indices. SPY another fresh high. Technology, QQQ remains the laggard, still hasn’t broken out. Small cap, IWM, nothing much to say, charts speaks for itself. Just amazing! Watch list names continues to work […]

Sector Watch: Financials and Housing (Weekly Swing Report)

Two of the hottest sectors over the past few weeks have been financials and housing. While they have already made impressive runs, they still should be at the top of your watchlist. However, we are not going to just jump […]

Trading Watch List 10.02.2017

SPY breaks out to another all time high. Nasdaq, QQQ back over 20 MA. Everything looks good for bulls. Watch list names continues  to work well. CLVS, ABEO, IMMU,ITCI,ZGNX,VERI all has decent action. Monday, start of the new quarter.October tends […]

Trading Watch List 09.29.2017

SPY toying around with breakout. Nasdaq,QQQ stuck between 20 and 50 MA Small cap index, IWM has been the biggest star. Beautiful breakout and continuation. Reason you seeing many random small cap names flying. Stock pickers market ,regardless of grinding […]

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