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Trading Watch List 12.13.2017

SPY grind continues to another all time high. Under the surface, lethargic action from many stocks. Besides some financials name, technology, biotechs, small caps, oil names saw money rotating out. Story stocks last couple of days has been bitcoin related […]

How To Trade Bitcoin Momentum With Blockchain Stocks

It has been no secret that Bitcoin has made over a 1000% move in the past 12 months. The sensational cryptocurrency has been creating the same level of bullishness in stocks as well. Any stock that has any remote tie […]

How To Scan For The Most Explosive Stocks To Day Trade

There are hundreds of stocks that are gapping up and down every day. So how do you figure out which ones you should trade that day and which ones you should leave alone? A stock scanner is a great tool […]

Let’s Revisit Trading December Seasonality

It’s the middle of December and the market is playing out exactly as we laid out in the November webinar on December seasonality. The early dip looks like it’s over, with the market bouncing and testing highs on Friday. (watch […]

Trading Watch List 12.11.2017

Bounce continuation in the market. As long SPY over 8 EMA, all bullish. Some nice trading action in market with various biotech names along with watch list names QURE and GBT. After 3 green days we might see some side […]

Trading Watch List 12.08.2017

Small bounce day for the market. SPY found support at 8 DAY,needs to hold for now. Technology index QQQ was rejected on 20 MA again. Still a possibility of a dead cat bounce, needs to  close over that 20 day […]

Trading Watch List 12.06.2017

“Sell the news”scenario played out after tax reform news. Beaten up technology names tried to bounce via red to green move at open, giving us some decent bounce trades in chat room but bounce was quickly fizzled out. QQQ failed […]

Be Aware Of These Pros And Cons When Paper Trading

Paper trading is a controversial subject among traders. There is a great divide of opinions on the subject. Some people view it as a great way to develop your edge in the market without putting your capital to risk. Others […]

Trading Watch List 12.04.2017

Volatile day Friday after some Russian collusion related news from Washington and fate of tax bill,but bulls came to rescue and dip was bought again. News risk from Washington still there and now that the tax bill has passed, there […]

Trading Terminology: Limit Order

One of the most common questions we get is, “what kind of order should I use to buy and sell stocks?” There are a few different types of orders you can use to buy and sell shares of stock with. […]

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