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How To Use A Daily Max Loss As A Day Trader

It is essential to have a daily max loss set for your trading account to become a successful day trader. A daily max loss is the maximum amount of money you permit yourself to lose in a given trading day. […]

Trading Watch List 09.20.2017

SPY back to highs after 8 EMA support holds. Basing action again while action in individual stocks remain strong. If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to trade you need to check out our trading courses. Our […]

How To Day Trade Heaters – AAOI Intraday Momentum

A trader is only as good as the stocks he trades. This means that he needs to always be on top of his stocks and always have his best picks on his watchlist. One of the things that used to […]

Beaten Down Retail Sector is Now In Play (Weekly Swing Report)

The go-to trade in this late summer market is simple and goes something like this. Find a beaten down sector.  Watch for the initial surge off lows.  Allow it to consolidate. Play either the pullback or break to highs. Over […]

Trading Watch List 09.18.2017

As we talked about in last post,SPY pull back came back in play as it closed right on breakout area and on short term momentum indicator 8 EMA. Needs to hold here else 248, followed by gap fill and a […]

We Prepare You For Trading Success – Here’s How

We get hundreds of inquiries about our 60 day trading bootcamp so we thought we would share some more insight into what exactly goes on during those two months of intense stock trading education. There are many great components that go […]

Trading Watch List 09.15.2017

SPY in consolidation mode after the nice run, relieving some short term overbought condition. Despite the churning of indices, action in individual stocks remain smoking hot! Watch list names, TSLA, BLUE, JD,NVDA,RH.MZOR all gave some nice trading opportunities. We were […]

Trading Watch List 09.13.2017

After consolidation, SPY had a beautiful flag breakout Monday and a nice follow through. Watch list names, TSLA,NVDA,HIMX,BABA,WUBA gave some nice trading action. Will be focusing on tech names again as QQQ looks great for a break out here. If […]

Sector Watch: China is Popping After Potential Scare (Weekly Swing Report)

Emerging markets have made a comeback in 2017, and China has been leading the way with explosive gains in the China ETF FXI and stocks like BABA and BIDU. However, recent geopolitical events, specifically Korea testing nuclear missiles, has put […]

Trading Watch List 09.11.2017

SPY still in consolidation mode ahead of uncertainty of what will happen with the hurricane in Florida over the weekend. 50 MA Still strong support. Friday, saw some money coming out of big cap tech names like NVDA, TSLA,AMZN, FB, […]

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