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Trading Watch List 06.01.2017

Another consolidation day in the Market as SPY dip gets bought yet again and short term momentum 8 EMA holds. As far as trading action ,unless you are buying every dipon big cap tech  beta names like NVDA,TSLA.AMZN , not […]

Trading Watch List 05.30.2017

Flat day in the market after the “V” bounce off the lows. Given recent market history,after a V shape run after a pull back, market has a tendency to get stuck in a tight range. Wouldn’t be surprised to see […]

The Anatomy of a Trend Continuation Breakout (Winning Google Trade)

Trend Continuation Breakout Every swing trader has heard the classic trading cliche “trade with the trend”. It’s the “easy” trade because the market tries to keep momentum stocks moving. As Sir Isaac Newton said, “objects in motion say in motion.” […]

Trading Watch List 05.26.2017

“V” shape rally continues for indices. S&P 500 and Nasdaq making all time highs. Under the surface though, ramp in indices are not telling the whole story.Action now contains in small group of stocks. Unless you are trading big cap […]

How To Use The VWAP Fizzle To Day Trade Falling Retail Stocks

In a recent webinar we talked about how to play the late day fizzle setup and today on May 24th, we saw this exact same setup. Playing earnings gap down shorts is a big part of what we do. This late […]

Trading Watch List 05.24.2017

Slow grind up continues in the market after SPY defended a year long trend line. SPY back to the “V” shape grind up move over 20 MA as I wrote on the last post. Intra day trading  remains actionable in […]

Trading Watch List 05.22.2017

Couple of days of bounce in SPY after it defended a year long trend line. SPY closed right below 20 MA, a break over that would turn this into another “V” shape bounce that dip buyers accustomed of seeing so […]

Trading Brazil After Corruption Charges

Once in a blue moon, some type of news comes out in the world in which the market overreacts, particularly for events that can be considered not normal. On April 18th we traded BRZU, an ETF representing the country of […]

How to Profit from Market Volatility (Winning NVDA Swing Trades)

Trading Market Volatility Even if you are a conservative swing trader with longer than average hold times, you know you must adapt your strategy to market volatility. If you freeze when the market is dropping or popping (or as in […]

How to trade the current market selloff (Free Swing Trade Report)

Video: https://youtu.be/D9Un_mKMBH8 The market wiped out two months of gains yesterday with what is being reported as a reaction to political events. While this may be true, we already spotted weakness at all-time highs as the market was narrowing and there […]

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