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11/16/2009 Gameplan

A quick recap of the week, what I saw, and my gameplan/watchlist for the coming week.

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China’s all the Rage…

Back in April no one liked China, too risky… that is, no one except a select few.

So was I right about Halloween or what?

Have you learned your lesson yet? If not, you better hurry.

EndOfWeek Recap/All is fine in Lala land

Last week Bob the Bear undeballed himself (if thats possible) and came back with a vengeance.  He left the house for the 1st time in months wearing his finest suit, waved good bye to his wife and kid, telling them […]

We Gots Our Moneys Back/Thursday Recap

Well we are right back at the exact same spot we were last week. The S&P has regained its 50dma with some thunder today.  The buy the dip trade is still intact. A little more sloppy this time with a […]

MidDay Update/KunalBuys

Today is a bloodbath…bulls are getting deballed right and left.  But this is why we take profits and raise cash when the market gets frothy and overbought. In hindsight this dip was obvious the level of carnage has totally caught […]

Play it cool!

Cool, calm, and collected.

MidDay update 10/26/2009

well the selling is fast and furious here. Investors are moving their money from smallcaps to the “safe havens” aka $goog and other crap like that.   There is no way to spin the action on a technical level. Its […]

Ready for Monday, Cash in Hand.

Market looks likely to continue sell-off in the short term, but GDP and earnings reports could change everything. Definitely a week to stick closely to your trades.

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