Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

watchlist 2/09/2010

  Im still playing everything quickly. Very quickly. If we get a light bounce I will initiat some shorts.   On the small cap side. My favorite bounce Plays are $nlst (3.4s)  $spu (5.90-6.10) $rodm (4.4 or under)    Id […]

Seasonality & Fear

Don’t force a trade… it never works!

MOMO stocks 2/8/2010

I run scans all the time. Here is a scan I run to find find momentum stocks. The list is dynamic as 1 dip in the market can change the whole nature of the list

My Regional Bank Watchlist 2/8

Trading the financial sector has been quite difficult over the last few months – the general trend is down or sideways, at best. For me, that means short term opportunities only..

Gold Ready to Reverse?

I’m watching gold stocks right now after the recent pull back and nice support found in many of my favorites on Friday. Gotta keep an eye on the dollar, as well.

GamePlan 2/5/2010

    Quick Note. Having major computer problmes. Tried to upload blog 3x and it just disappeared and had to restart fresh.   To summarize what i wanted to say. Yesterday we got a confirmation day that the trend has […]

2/3/2009 Watchlist

 Here we. 1st video general mkt commentary. then stocks.  I will add some swingtrades tomorrow morning.            

Kunal00 Buys & Sells 2/2/2010

                    Mother market has given us a reprieve from the nonstop spanking we endured for the 7 previous days.  As happy as I am that mother market has stopped  sending her […]

2/2 Watchlist/momo/swings

  We got video Blog. 3 parts. 1st Market Analysis and then Stock Charts   http://screenr.com/l0d      http://screenr.com/Z0d     http://screenr.com/F0d       you got to copy and paste the links as I have no clue how to […]

Few New Scalps / Swings for 2/2

The market had a nice day, but the lack of volume makes me nervous. If we do see continued upside tomorrow, then these might be in play for speculative scalps or short term swings.

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