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WED 2/17/2010 Watchlist

         Well what a difference a week makes.  It seems like yesterday people were ready to call it a day. 2 weeks ago people stopped trading and sold their positions and were ready to start new. Now […]

Trade Review of PSID

Video inside!

Above 5dollar MOMO stocks 2/16/2010

    AMR, APL, CAGC, CFI, CGX, DPZ, EXXID, HZO, ICOC, INCY, ISSI, KTCC, LCC, LYV,  MAPP, MEI, MMR, MNKD, MSPD, NEP, NOA, PIR, PRXL, RICK, SANM, SGI, SHE, UAUA, VLTR      I changed the sorting on the scan […]

+ 5 dollar MOMO stocks

Here are some some stocks with momo…

2/11/2010 Watchlist

  Nothing material has changed about the market. Rallies are still getting faded and big drops seem to get lightly rallied.  Lot of reversals happening in the market on a daily basis which makes it hard to swingtrade.   Watchlist […]

Welcome to the BULLS Trading Account

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2/10/2009 Watchlist

  Nothing really changed from yesterdays watchlist.  I still expect mkt to fade at some point as the trend has changed. Yesterdays bounce didnt really change the character of the market. We still have a bit of a way before […]

Stay Bullish on China

Be a Bull in a China shop.

watchlist 2/09/2010

  Im still playing everything quickly. Very quickly. If we get a light bounce I will initiat some shorts.   On the small cap side. My favorite bounce Plays are $nlst (3.4s)  $spu (5.90-6.10) $rodm (4.4 or under)    Id […]

Seasonality & Fear

Don’t force a trade… it never works!

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