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Trading Watch List 12.06.2017

“Sell the news”scenario played out after tax reform news. Beaten up technology names tried to bounce via red to green move at open, giving us some decent bounce trades in chat room but bounce was quickly fizzled out. QQQ failed […]


Trading Watch List 12.04.2017

Volatile day Friday after some Russian collusion related news from Washington and fate of tax bill,but bulls came to rescue and dip was bought again. News risk from Washington still there and now that the tax bill has passed, there […]


Trading Watch List 12.01.2017

Fun times continues for SPY and mega cap stocks in DOW but technology index QQQ remains the ugly duckling. Weak bounce for technology names after Wednesday’s mega sell off as money continues to rotate into biotech,financials retailers, oil, names. QQQ […]


Trading Watch List 11.29.2017

Another day, another all time high for market. Nothing new to say, bulls are in complete control as dips get bough fast and furiously. Trading action remains smoking hot both ways, long and short. Bitcoin names gave huge run up, […]


Trading Watch List 11.27.2018

Slow grind up action for indices. Given it was a holiday week, as expected, strong trading action continued  on speculative names.Sick moves on names bitcoin themed spec names like  RIOT,MARA, SRAX. Going in to next week, seeing many extended stocks […]


Trading Watch List 11.22.2017

Market breaks out to all time high again. Nice action as expected on holiday shortened week and it looks the momentum should continue for the week, so enjoy as long it last. . Watch list names, TWTR,WUBA,ESIO, DAIO,BABA, OSTK gave […]


Trading Watch List 11.20.2017

Inside day for market after a big run Thursday. Watch list name TWTR,WUBA, OAS,URI gave some decent trading. Shortened Thanksgiving holiday week coming up, holiday week usually have positive bias for the market. Look for pocket of strength in mostly speculative intraday […]


Trading Watch List 11.17.2017

Gap and go rally day for market. SPY opened above 20 MA  and then took out that 8 EMA momentum resistance, giving the rally some ammo that it needed. All good again for bulls. Watch list names, WUBA, OSTK,NKTR gave […]


Trading Watch List 11.15.2017

Another day and another bounce off the lows for SPY. Not sure how many time this plays out before  we see a big crack. SPY 20 MA  holds, needs to get over 8 EMA resistance. Action is getting volatile and  […]


Trading Watch List 11.13.2017

Inside day for SPY after bouncing on 20 MA. SPY having issue with getting over short term momentum 8 EMA. Bulls wants to see 20 MA holds and builds for next push higher. Another break below 20 MA can bring […]


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