Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Risk Management Lessons for Day Trading

Hey guys! Here is an important day trading lesson on a trade we took last week in $labu. Pre-Market on our BullsVision I was walking our traders through what I thought was a stock that should get absolutely crushed for […]


Top Five Trading Books

Top Five Trading Books Trading attracts intense people. If you trade there’s a good chance you are quite passionate about it. And if you stick around long enough to become profitable, you are probably intensely – obsessively, even – passionate […]


How (and what!) to trade post-election

Wow! The election is finally over. Whether you supported Hillary or Trump, now it’s time to get down to the business of making money. So what happens next? The anticipation going into yesterday was that the Trump win would lead to […]


Check out Taylor’s gains!

One of my students just made an awesome video talking about his growth as a trader. I had a lot of fun working with Taylor on his recent trip to Florida and I’m thrilled to see how much it’s helped […]


How to Trade an Earnings Breakdown

We’ve been stuck in a tight trading range lately, so a lot of stocks aren’t moving very much. But the great thing about the momentum stocks I most like trading is that they aren’t dependent on the overall market being […]


Charting Platform Review

Charting Platform Review As technical traders, we live and die by our charts. Having charts that look clean, are easy to read, and have all of the indicators and tools you need is essential. A good charting platform will save […]


5 Simple Rules for Risk Management

5 Simple Rules for Risk Management Successful traders are adept risk managers. Full stop. You can be a lazy scanner and a mediocre technical analyst and still make money day trading. But if you are an undisciplined risk manager, you can’t […]


How to Day Trade Reversals around Resistance Levels

How to Day Trade Reversals Today, I made a solid trade in $CLVS that I want to talk to you about, as it provides a great lesson in how to day trade reversals. The stock has been running up for […]


How to Trade a PR Breakout – $CLCD

Trading the PR Breakout When traded correctly, the PR breakout is a powerful setup. Like an earnings breakout, it combines a fundamental catalyst with a strong technical pattern. IPOs are a particularly profitable subset of this group; there’s always excitement […]


Day Trading Watchlist 9/8/2016

Flat day in the stock market today. That seems to be the norm the range has been very tight for weeks now. But we are starting to peak out of some ranges in many stocks. $amzn $nflx $fb all looked […]


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