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Boom Boom Stocks 12/19/2014

Great times trading with my student Elvis butler! I lost 1500 bucks in first 30 minutes right in front of him he was looking worried! Then of course I made the Britney Spears like comeback and killed it rest of […]


Boom Boom Stocks 12/18/2014

Evening folks! Hope everyone had a great day. Nice bounce in the $spy today after the federal reserve comments that came out at 2pm the market was off to the races.  The bounce in oil stocks continued today you saw […]


Boom Boom Stocks

Here is todays watch list! Not much showing up on scans except commodity stocks like oil & gold.  For those of you in my chatroom you guys know I hate trading gold stocks!   tomorrow will be a less is […]


Path To Profitability with Wes Bays Recording

Hey folks! Here is the recording to Tuesdays webinar with Wes Bays. What a sharp young man who at age 26 is really starting to hit his stride in his trading career.  Listen to his tips on risk management and […]


Path To Profitability with Wes Bays

Last week I told you about a great trade that one of our students, Tobbi Goulet, recently made. I love talking about the success of my students, as I know the huge amount of effort they have put into their trading accomplishments. […]


Boom Boom Stocks

Evening folks! Hope everyone had a great day!  Say happy birthday to maribeth if you get a chance!  She is a very special person having come to me straight out of college.  When I first had met her she had […]


Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous Live from Costa Rica Recording

Here is the webinar video for the Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous of http://www.fousalerts.com from November 16th!  WE also spent some time talking about our favorite setups that we took this week in Costa Rica, we went over Trading […]


Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous Sunday!

Sick day went for the kill on $plnr $rgls paid for most of the trip! Making dollars living in pesos #traderlife #trading #stocks #bullsonwallstreet #costarica A photo posted by Kunal (@kunal00) on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:02am PST Got caught […]


Why Do Some Trading Students Fail?

I got an amazing letter from one of my students on Paul on why new traders often fail.  There are so many factors that go into your success as a trader. Often new traders believe they can take a class […]


Bulls Vision – See Your Trading Setups in Real Time

Bulls on Wall Street has always tried to be on the cutting edge of trading education: the best tools, the best services, and the best technology. So I’m excited to announce something I have been wanting to add to our […]


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