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Trade Review “How to Trade Pr/Earnings Breakouts”

Here is a simple pattern I use everyday. As day traders we have to be in the best stocks at all time. That means for me the ones with the most profit potential in the shortest amount of time. $gbsn […]


Bulls Bootcamp Starts May 19th!

Are you a new trader with more losses than wins, and more questions than answers?  Or are you an experienced trader looking for an edge or a way to be competitive and profitable in any market environment?  We can help […]


$SPY analysis & current positions & focus list

Here is my take on the $spy and the market in general. I also go over some of my focus list and an update on the current positions in the focus list. Come check out our FREE TRIAL for our Part Time […]


Trade Review ACAD

Here is a trade revew in $acad .  This is one of my goto setups the Pr/Earnings Breakdown.  I use this setup everyday for many of years.  I love trading stocks that have a fresh catalyst as that gives it […]


How I Turned From Losing Trader to a Winner

Over the years I have talked to thousands of traders and heard every single story of the ups and downs that accompany a trader from our 4 day Bootcamp to our 60 day Bootcamp I have the honor of coaching […]


We Made it To Colombia!

Cameron and I have arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, for a couple weeks of fun! What we’ve seen of the city so far is awesome and the weather can’t be beat. Check out our place: We already have some great plans […]


Path To Profitability Webinar with Jonny Brill

Last month, we heard from 60 Day Bootcamp student Wes Bays. Wes talked about his journey as a trader and how the Bulls Bootcamp helped him overcome some trading issues and set him on a path to being a consistently […]


Boom Boom Stocks

Good evening folks! Nasty day in the markets with the s&p having its biggest down day in a few months.  What a way to start the year.  Thats ok though we have seen this type of action before the market […]


Boom Boom Stocks 12/19/2014

Great times trading with my student Elvis butler! I lost 1500 bucks in first 30 minutes right in front of him he was looking worried! Then of course I made the Britney Spears like comeback and killed it rest of […]


Boom Boom Stocks 12/18/2014

Evening folks! Hope everyone had a great day. Nice bounce in the $spy today after the federal reserve comments that came out at 2pm the market was off to the races.  The bounce in oil stocks continued today you saw […]


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