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Top Eight Vacation Spots of 2015

Is there anything better than sitting on a tropical beach, sipping a beer and letting the hours slip away? Yes! Sitting on a beach, sipping a beer and trading! This last year I traveled all over the world, including the […]


Don’t Fight the Bears- Free Webinar!

It’s no secret the market as a whole has been taking a beating so far this year, and is down considerably from last year’s highs. The question is, why are you still trading like we are on a huge bull […]


$4k in profits trading oil stocks – see how I did it!

The market was down sharply today, but that didn’t slow me down! I made over $4000 trading oil stocks. Here’s how I did it! The great thing about trading is that there are always opportunities to make money. The question […]


More Profits From Bali (8k in Two Days!)

I have changed destinations since you last heard from me. Although Hawaii was great, I may be liking Bali even more. I brought my whole family here for vacation and we are having a blast (see the pictures below)! I’ve […]


$14k in profits, live from Hawaii!

What a week! I’ve made nearly $14,000 in just four days, day trading live on video for my students and subscribers. Here’s my PnL for today: …and the rest of the week: Dec 9th PNL  Dec 8th PNL   Dec 7th PNL […]


Hawaii + downtime = huge gains!

I’m a trading animal. I live and breath day trading stocks. When I’m not  day trading, I’m scanning, researching, teaching and improving my game on how to trade stocks. It’s not just my job -it’s my passion. Every morning, I wake up […]


Recovering from a $5,000 mistake on $VLTC

I made two big trades yesterday – one a big loss, the other a huge gain. What is still a big gain for the day, $5697, could have been bigger had I stuck to my plan and not let the emotions […]


Shorting Fluff for Huge Gains ($6.5k today!)

I made over $6.5k today shorting fluff news on stocks like $SPHS! Watch the video below to see how: It was a great way to get amped up for class tonight – I’m teaching my 23rd Bulls Bootcamp! I really […]


How to Make Money at the Market Open $RLYP $BABA

I love trading the market open! The volatility provides a ton of opportunities for nimble day traders to make big gains. While I trade in the late morning and afternoon too, my favorite setups are in the first thirty minutes of the market […]


Starting a Trading Business

Learning to trade stocks is no different than learning any other profession.  You must develop the same level of skill and expertise as a doctor or lawyer, and apply a high degree of commitment and attention to detail for every aspect of […]


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