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Boom Boom Stocks

Hey folks! hope everyone is doing well! Another up day in the markets we are just grinding higher and higher.  The sentiment has been pretty bad and this slow grind can really chop people up if you want to keep […]


Playing the Market? Don’t Be A Victim of Performance Anxiety

When it comes to dealing with intense pressure, are you a warrior or a worrier? The truth is, just about every profession has its built-in stresses. Whether you play a supporting role as an up-and-coming minion in a multi-national megacorp, […]


Boom Boom Stocks

Hey folks! Nice week in the markets. I was a bit in and out with willy’s wedding and having our whole company over to the house for the last 2 weeks. We have been having a family vacation its been […]


Bulls Study Session with Dr. Menaker!

Hey! Its Kunal from Bulls on Wall Street! Special Tuesday afternoon study session open to everyone. Bulls Study Session – Dr. Menaker and Kunal Desai Developing your mental edge and the psychology of trading with Dr. Menaker  Tuesday, May 20th at 4:15pm […]


8 Things About Trading You’ll Never Learn On Your Own

Most newcomers have preconceived ideas about the typical day in the life of a day trader. While you may envision a glam but gritty environment steeped in living-on-the-edge excitement, veteran traders know that the reality can be very different. Here […]


Part Time Trader | Swing Trader Webinar

Evening folks! After years and hundreds of requests for more content and ideas for the part-time trader we have finally put the wheels in motion to deliver that for you guys. For years I kept putting it off as I […]


The Best Resources for Becoming a Trading Master

We’re not going to sugarcoat it; short-term trading isn’t for everyone. Only a percentage make money on a consistent basis, and even fewer are really, really successful. Why do some day traders fail while others enjoy consistent success? A Realistic […]


World Events in Review: Using Day Trading To Your Advantage

What Does It Take To Impact The Market? This is something that’s easy to forget about when you’re in the zone. You’re focused on what’s happening right now because you know that great opportunities in this business may only last for […]


Understanding the Value of Failure

                        Self-worth is often measured by the sum of accomplishments. This is why failure can burn badly. Not only is a goal or project left unsatisfied, but your sense […]


Sunday Night Study Session

Guys we have a very busy week. Lot of stuff going on in the markets. Lets start the week off with the right gameplan and meet up Sunday Night at 8pm and get ready! Im back from California had a […]


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