Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 04.07.2017

As usual bears have yet again failed to follow trough after failed break out type action on Wednesday. SPY bounces 50 MA yet again.Line in the sand for now. Keep in mind,bounce attempt was  weak for most stocks. In our […]


The One Stock To Watch in April Is Tesla

If you put a gun to my head (this is a hypothetical folks!) and told me to pick one stock for the month of April, it’s a no brainer that I pick Tesla. TSLA has been on fire this year […]


5 Tips To Improve Your Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology: The Missing Link There is a ton of advice on trading setups out there in the blogosphere. Some of it is good, most of it is bad, but none of it impacts your trading as much as your own […]


7 Habits of Effective Part-Time Traders

7 Habits of Effective Part-Time Traders Part-time traders have a limited amount of time to spend on market research and trading. Believe me; I remember what it was like trading around a demanding job while raising a family and trying […]


How To Profitably Trade Netflix With No Setup (Winning Trade)

Let me start off with one of my most cardinal trading rules: trade the setups. You hear me say “trade the setups” all the time, and for good reason. Trading “No-Setup” Usually Fails I recently studied thousands of trades placed […]


Top Five Trading Books

Top Five Trading Books Trading attracts intense people. If you trade there’s a good chance you are quite passionate about it. And if you stick around long enough to become profitable, you are probably intensely – obsessively, even – passionate […]


Trading Watch List 10.21.2016

Flat day in the Market as SPY still stuck on the range with resistance at 214.64. As far as individual stocks, there are some decent trading action last couple of days but you have to flip them quickly. Intraday volatile […]


Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Today’s Video: https://youtu.be/_0Fy7El6PV0 Updated Stats (10/16): bit.ly/1NFgq7C (+52% vs SPY 6%). Friday’s $X cover completed our 100th trade of 2016! While Mr. Market did not give us the continuation after Thursday’s support reversal, it did hold key levels. We start the week near […]


Trading Watch List 10.17.2016

Small up day in the Market but the action remain ugly for most individual stocks. SPY still in range but the underlying support is now flimsy.Hopefully we will get a clearer picture this week.SPY 212 needs to hold for now,if […]


Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Today’s video: https://youtu.be/JwcdhJRzqFw Best to stay in a holding pattern until Wednesday’s Fed announcement, as is the market breaking even today while tech was down slightly. We continue to build the relative strength list, adding steel stocks AKS and X to […]


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