Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

When we launched Bulls Black Card Service we wanted to ensure that we delivered a premium product that our community would be happy to support.  We didn't realize how popular and wildly successful it would be.  This isn't a "stock picking" service.  This is a complete learning tool, where you get regular training webinars, premium blogs, and at least 2-3 days a week to trade along side a professional options trader (lately it's been 5 days a week but we simply aren't charging enough to be able to maintain this and handle all the demand that's coming in).  Other competing services charge over $1000 a month and you still don't get to trade as often as we do with a professional trader.  

The returns that our more experienced students are making are very impressive, and if you log out of the site and check out the front page of topvacationspotsx.com you'll see a list of testimonials that are piling up.   Most of these people started with under $5000, and some are ready to quit their day jobs.  These types of returns require disipline, education, and patience... because believe me when I say, if you just come in guns blazing and start loading up contracts without taking any of the course material you'll blow up your account.
This is exactly why we're setting a ceiling on our membership base.   To avoid further disruptions we are capping our "classroom" size.  We simply want to make sure everyone is trading on a similar level -- we cannot have new users jump into the boom factory without taking the course material, and *all* new users must trade VIRTUALLY for between 2-6 weeks using a trading simulator before they use real money.

So to make our service better we will be halting orders on Black Card memberships on April 12th midnight.  We will not re-open it until someone leaves and/or our infrastructure allows it.  

Think of it like the golf course that everyone wants to join.  Membership does have its privileges, and for those of you who are currently holding a Bulls Black Card membership, welcome to the family, we're running out of seats.  As of April 12th the doors will be closed, no exceptions.

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