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Fears surrounding Syria still loom, but the bulls appear to be taking over the market for now. We have reclaimed the 50dma and as I said last week, the bulls have now made a firm stand. A few days of consolidation would be a healthy sign for higher times ahead. We have had one of the best starts to a month that I remember in the bulls room. After killing it last week, we started off this week with a bang and locked in $2549 in gains today alone.

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Check out this trade we did today on ARWR.  A perfect example of a recent blog post that I wrote expalining how to enter a stock that blows through your entry point early on in the market open


Tomorrow's Watchlist:

SREV- breakout watch

ECOM- nice bounce today. watching for re-test of highs

IMMU- flagging, breakout watch

EGAN- bull flag

ADEP- parabolic short

SSH- flagging on support

HLF- breakout watch

IO- breakout through 5.00

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