60-Day Bootcamp Course

This 60-day, comprehensive trading course will teach you everything you need to know to become the trader you know you can be. With 28 LIVE classes, Q&A sessions, quizzes, a trading simulator and follow-up support, our 60-Day Bootcamp is a total educational experience designed to make any trader into a pro.

60 Day Bootcamp Course

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Key Components Of The Course

  • 28 Live Class Sessions (via webinar)
  • Q&A Session at the end of each class. Ask your own questions and receive answers from a pro
  • 140 page coursebook with charts, examples, and a ton of other content to reinforce what you learn in class
  • Trade review sessions to recap the day's trades and market activity
  • Participate in Google Community discussions with mentors and peers
  • Trade on our simulator for a month following class. Apply what you've learned without risking real money
  • Interactive quizzes and homework assignments to help you retain course material
  • Lifetime access to live sessions and class recordings

How It Works

Month 1: Classes covering the course material are held via LIVE webinar four nights a week for four weeks. Classes begin at 8 p.m. EST and are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Month 2: Students will meet with the instructors on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday immediately following the market close at 4:05 p.m. EST. These sessions are an opportunity to go over what’s happening in the market and discuss how it relates to the material covered in class. The instructors will take you through each trade they took during the market session that day and explain it in detail. This is when you get to see the material you have learned put into practice.

Month 3: Students who have completed all the homework requirements will move into the trading simulator for a month of paper trading – allowing them to use the skills they’ve learned in the course without risking real money.

Required Reading

As soon as you sign up for the class, we’ll send this book to you free of charge. Bulls on Wall Street Coursebook, 3rd edition

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Course Outline

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What You'll Learn

  • Technical Analysis – Technical analysis catalogues market data and establishes a system for finding trade ideas, picking entries & exits, and managing risk.
  • Charting – Charting allows us to see the actions of all traders in graphical format. Charting is the tool that takes what looks like random, chaotic data and forms it into a concise picture. We use charts to determine not only where a stock has been but also where it is going.
  • Market Cycles – Stocks are either in a period of consolidation or a trending period. As traders, we want to focus on the periods where stocks are moving in a recognizable way.
  • Trading Styles – Choose the right trading style for you based on your personality, living situation and risk-tolerance level.
  • Trends – We will learn how to identify forming trends, how to identify the strength of a trend, and how to identify when trends are breaking using volume, price action, and indicators.
  • Trade Timing Learn to align charts in multiple timeframes to ensure a high probability of success.
  • Analyzing Market Indices – Timing is everything. Learn to analyze stock market indices to add exponential returns to your trades.
  • Market Breadth – Determine the overall strength and direction of the market with five key indicators.
  • ETF Trading and Sector Analysis – Discover the most popular ETFs that represent each major index.
  • Trading Psychology – Managing your psychological capital is a major factor in becoming a successful trader.
  • Breakouts – You will learn what types of breakouts to look for as well as how to know if a breakout is working or if it is a failed breakout.
  • Pullbacks – Pullbacks are the result of a stock falling back after it has reached a high. In this chapter, we will teach you how to spot and play our five go to pullback plays.
  • Support and Resistance Trading – Market prices are constantly moving as they look for the fair value. Understanding the dynamics of support and resistance will help you know how to position trades around these levels.
  • Risk Management – Understanding the risk-to-reward ratios of trades separates good traders from great traders.
  • Go To Setups - The chart patterns every trader must know, our “secret sauce” setups with the highest probability of success, and intraday setups for stocks that explode out of nowhere.
  • News Trading – Some of the most powerful moves in stocks come after the release of news. Learn what to look for and spot a game-changer quickly.
  • Stock Gaps - When a stock opens at a different price than it closed at, that is a stock gap. Stock gaps can signal opportunities for you.
  • Trading Tools – The right tools make all the difference. We’ll discuss our favorites.